ufc live stream

If you want to watch UFC online without cable, you have come to the right page since we are going to share the top options for you. All you need is the right MMA streaming guide that you can use to catch up with your favorite spectacle right from where you are.

ufc live stream

Most of the big matches in the UFC is viewable through PPV live in which encourage you to pay a hefty amount of price to enjoy. But you no longer need to do that. The live streaming options have been available for all the UFC viewers around the world.

The UFC has is arguably the best fighting sports on earth. It has been big in the US, and across the world. Ask 10 people on the street about who’s Conor McGregor and you’ll be surprised at how many people are able to answer you. If you are a diehard MMA fan looking for the top options to live stream UFC online, you would want to read this guide. Here are the best ways to Watch UFC Online without cable.

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​​November 3, 2018

UFC Fight Pass

The UFC has is arguably the best fighting sports on earth. It has been big in the US, and across the world. Ask 10 people on the street about who’s Conor McGregor and you’ll be surprised at how many people are able to answer you. If you are a diehard MMA fan looking for the top options to live stream UFC online, you would want to read this guide. Here are the best ways to Watch UFC Online without cable.

The UFC Fight Pass is the best option for those who can’t just get enough of their superstar in the Octagon. It is the official live streaming right under the UFC supervision itself. It allows you to Watch UFC Online without cable.

You only need to pay $9.99 per month to enjoy the service. If you choose the 12-month commitment, you can save a lot by only paying $7.99 per month. Not to mention that the service comes with a free 7-day trial. You can use this time slit to try the service and assess its features before deciding to spend your money on it.

The all major matches will be streamed to the compatible devices including TV, iOS and Android Devices. It is a great choice if you want to enjoy both live stream and on-demand.

The UFC Fight Pass also offers the LIVE UFC Fight Nights, and the related TV shows such as Unleashed, Best of PRIDE, and the Ultimate Fighter, special features, interviews with the fighters, original programs, and many more. The UFC Fight Library allows you to access the best fights replays, events, and the other interesting content about the MMA.

The UFC Fight Pass, unfortunately, does not provide the PPV games. But you could purchase the PPV without the cable.

How to ​​Order UFC PPV ​Online

PPV is all about the one-time purchase for a specific match. If you want to watch the upcoming UFC event without a cable subscription, then it is possible to purchase the UFC PPV online right from where you are. You can purchase the PPVs of the big UFC fights directly from the official site of the UFC. It does not require any subscription or commitment. It is probably the most appropriate option for you if you are not planning to see minor matches.

​List of UFC Live Streaming Services


If you are more of browser users, then it is suggested to check the UFC.TV service. you will really need this service for enjoying the UFC pay per view. The package is around $64.99 to get the PPV HD for each match. Well, it is pretty a good deal regarding you can get all the HD qualities. You can also watch the Q&A and Weight-in events for free.

Not to mention that you will also get the UFC Fight Pass that will open you to the Fight Night and preliminary matches. Not to mention that you can access the gallery so that you can choose specific PPV events that you want to watch UFC Live Stream anywhere, anytime you want. The UFC Fight Pass costs only $9.99 per month. You could also get 7-day free trial membership which allows you to use the site without paying a single dime.


Fubotv has been a familiar choice for most sports lovers. Fubotv is the general choice for many sports lovers. The service offers you 40+ channels to watch live sports. It works pretty much like Sling TV and DirecTV Now. You can enjoy all the festivity right from your favorite devices.

But the difference is that Fubotv is crystal clear about their specification. The service is more prevalent in the sports categories than anything else. The entertainment channels are also offered but the number is not significant.

The Fubo TV offers FS1, FS2, and the other related channels that broadcast the UFC events.

​There are also other great sports channels like NBA TV, beIn, NBCSN, and many more. Its most basic plan costs you only $35 per month. It is a great deal for most sports lovers around the world. And as expected from the popular live streaming provider, you are able to try its free 7-day trial. It is indeed a good way to get the UFC live stream for free while you test the features and quality of the Fubotv before deciding to spend your money on the package.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is one of the prominent ways to access the UFC shows online without cable. The incredible service provides around 60+ channels from sports networks, entertainment, to news channels. But what’s more important is the fact that this service has been prevalent for the UFC matches as well.

You are able to enjoy the sports spectacles from the popular sports channels like FS1 and FS. The UFC live stream of UFC Fight Nights is also available. For the diehard fans of MMA, you could also tune in FOX to catch up with the most recent moments of the UFC. The service starts from $35 per month with the mentioned channels package.

If you want to enjoy more channels, then you could choose the plans with 120+ channels offers. the good thing when you choose the package, there will be no contract. So, you can cancel your subscription anytime. The next good thing that we’d like to highlight is the availability of the free trial. When you sign up for the DirecTV Now free trial, you can live stream free for 7 consecutive days. If you happen to await the specific UFC show at that moment, you can use this opportunity to watch your favorite fighter on screen without paying a single dime!

All in all, you can use most of the compatible devices to get the access to DirecTV Now. Most folks get the maximum experience with the Apple TV and Chromecast streaming players. If it is possible, we’d like to recommend you using the Chromecast because it offers more quality than other devices. You could visit the official site of DirecTV to know more about the packages’ details. Or,  you could use its 7-day free trial. There’s nothing to lose, really.

Sling TV

Live stream the UFC matches right through this incredible service and you will not want to use another service. Sling TV is not a new player in the market. It has been delivering top services for the sports fans around the world, including the MMA coverage. This service has been renowned amongst the cord-cutters community. With such affordable package, you will be able to enjoy many favorite shows, live sports, news coverage, and many more.

For the UFC matches coverage, you could consider the Blue Package of Sling TV, which only cost you $25 per month without a contract. It is a pretty good deal because you could have 30+ channels in total, including the channels that broadcast the UFC events. There are the generic channels to broadcast the UFC like FS1, FS2, AXS TV, FOX, and the others. Keep in mind that FOX broadcasting UFC is only available in select markets, though. FS1 is the channel to air the UFC Fight Night events, the Ultimate Fighter, and much other interesting contents. Meanwhile, the FS2 provides the replays of the UFC events, analytical content, previews, amongst the other things.

FOX airs live UFC and MMA events regularly. The AXS TV is more focused on the MMA and kickboxing events. For enjoying the Bellator MMA, you might want to consider to purchase the add-on package which unlocks the channel Spike TV.

If you are looking for the affordable option, Sling TV is the best choice for you. It is one of the greatest options to live stream the UFC and other MMA events through your favorite devices. If you are a new customer of this live streaming provider, there are many bonuses that you can get from this. If you are an Apple TV user, for instance, you will be able to enjoy its big discounts. If you sign up for 3+ months of the package, you will get a free Roku streaming device. Use these offers to give you more benefits from purchasing the Sling TV service package. You can also try the live streaming service out and enjoy the UFC live streaming from home. A 7-day free week-long trial will give you the insight on the quality of the service.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is also one of the best options to watch the UFC live streaming from your favorite devices. The good thing about this option is that you can access the services in various devices since it is a multi-faceted cord-cutting option. it is a genuine cord-cutter solution in which you won’t need any cable TV anymore. It replaces all the obligations to deal with the cable TV at your part. You can access all the channels you love without contract or commitment.

Through this fruitful live streaming service, you are able to access the UFC and MMA broadcasting channels like FOX, Spike, FS1, and FS2. The PlayStation Vue has the package for $29,99 per month to reveal all the great features to catch up with the UFC Coverage of live and past events. Meanwhile, you could watch UFC Live Stream the Bellator from the Spike TV, which is also available in the PlayStation Vue. The name of the package is the Access Package. It reveals the 55+ channels for you.

You can also use this service to watch the upcoming UFC PPV event. All you need to do is just to order the service through the official site, choose the package, finish the payment, and that's it.

You crave all the things related to the UFC, you can also use PlayStation Vue to get everything you want. There are now the great options to keep following UFC matches right from your favorite device. PlayStation Vue is not only available in the console, but also the other compatible devices. Read the full information about the compatible devices at its official page.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV has been the very effective choice for most of the UFC diehard fans. It has been evolving from time to time and now we are able to enjoy its best version. Keep in mind that Hulu and Hulu Live TV is different. Hulu Live TV is the advanced version of the conventional Hulu. The LIVE TV comes with the streaming library as well.

If you want to catch up with all major UFC games right from your favorite screen, Hulu Live TV surely brings one of the most impeccable services for you. It has the complete channels that broadcast the UFC events and related contents. It only costs $39.99 per month with features and premium add-ons. You could also use its 7-day free trials to assess the features and try the HD quality out. As the legit user, you will also be able to watch UFC Live Stream in 2 screens simultaneously. In addition, there is the Cloud DVR that allows you to record all the moments for up to 50 hours. Since it is Cloud DVR, you won’t have to worry about your hardware store. Check if the services are available in your area or not.

​Youtube TV

​If you are YouTube users, you could consider purchasing the YouTube TV packages which offer you with 50+ high-quality channels from local sports and news including the Fox Channels and YouTube Red. It is only available in few select markets only. The good thing about the $40 per month subscription is that up to 6 devices in your house can use YouTube TV at the same time.